Professional Access Control Systems in Milwaukee

Secure your business with S-O-S Electronics in Milwaukee! We offer cutting-edge access control systems for unparalleled security. Our card access systems allow you to control entry, while photo ID cards enhance identification. Choose us for advanced yet hassle-free solutions ensuring maximum safety.

Card Access Control Systems

In today's tech-driven era, access control systems are vital for businesses' security in Milwaukee. These security systems vary in forms to suit your needs, from single-door units to complex integrated systems managing multiple access points.

Our professionally installed card access systems offer reliable security solutions for various needs, connecting remote sites seamlessly. Experience efficient and secure access control solutions tailored to your business, regardless of scale or location, with our advanced services.

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Photo ID Cards

Add a special card printer that will provide you with photo ID cards for your employees.

Features and Benefits

Card-based Access Control Systems work very well with other security devices, giving your business a reliable way to make sure only the right people are where they are supposed to be. Security guards can be expensive and there’s always the potential for human error. Even if a guard is mandatory, card-based Access Control Systems will release the guard for other needs and supply an additional layer of security.

Generally speaking, there are two different types of people who think about how access control systems work for them.

For Employee's Peace of Mind:

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Card or fob given by the employer provides entry

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Workplace is safer with the doors locked to non-employees

For Employer's Peace of Mind:

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Employees will be safer with only authorized people gaining entry to the building

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 I can instantly disable a card from working when lost, stolen, or for any other reason

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No need to worry about lost or stolen keys and re-keying locks

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Scheduled doors will lock and unlock at the proper times of the day

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Limited access at any door by the day and time so employees or cleaning only have access during specific times

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Controlled access to the company parking area

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In case of emergency the system will tell me who came in the building

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Back up time clock punch times

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Know if a door is propped open

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Control different types of equipment and machines: copiers etc.

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Reports on door, card, and alarm activity. Monitors various types of alarm points

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Lower the number of security guards with a system

Access Control and Integrated Security Solutions

Take your business’s security to the next level with integrated security solutions from S-O-S Electronics. With experience since 1958, we are experts in the delivery of comprehensive security systems, providing not just surveillance, but also seamless access control systems, intercoms, and even parking gates. 

Our advanced access control systems can seamlessly integrate with our professionally installed security systems, creating a unified solution that enhances security and ease of management. Having the same provider manage and install multiple systems means you don't have to deal with multiple contacts or coordinate between different vendors. 

With our one-stop service, you gain peace of mind knowing that all the components of your security system will work together flawlessly. Plus, it simplifies your security management, saving you time and resources, and ensures that your security system is always at the forefront of technology. 

Experience the convenience, reliability, and strength of an all-rounded security solution with S-O-S Electronics. It's more than just security, it's seamless integration for maximum protection.

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When it comes to protecting your Milwaukee business with Access Control Systems, our security specialists can help.

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