RF Intercom Systems for Milwaukee Businesses

RF intercom systems are part of an existing two-way radio system. This state-of-the-art system is essential for your company's access control system due to its assistance in monitoring gates and entrances to buildings. Having an intercom allows the security team to move freely around the building, rather than having to stay in one place.

A special two-way radio is usually mounted to the gated entry to a facility to aid in communication among the intercom systems. Visitors and employees alike can simply press the call button at the gate unit to initiate a call to someone inside with a portable radio. When the call is received, the person inside can activate a coded signal that triggers the gate opener for entry to the site. Secured entrances have never been easier.

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State-of-the-Art RF Intercom Systems

S–O–S Electronics is an expert in the installation and maintenance of RF intercom systems in the Milwaukee area. We understand your business and can provide you with the security solutions needed to meet your needs. Partner with a local Milwaukee, WI, company you can trust with your business' security today.

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RF intercom systems by S–O–S Electronics have the ability to revolutionize your commercial establishment by enhancing day-to-day operations. From enhanced safety to increased productivity, there is no reason to not make the transition. We are experts in installation of RF intercom systems in Milwaukee, WI.

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