Door Entry Intercom 
System in Milwaukee, WI

When you think of an intercom system, you may imagine an outdated two-way communication system that doesn’t work for the modern age. But intercom systems have come a long way, and they can still be effective tools for securing your business. They work well as part of an overall security system, allowing for fast, reliable communication that can protect your facilities.

So what is a door entry intercom system, and why do you need one? An intercom system is a communication device usually placed at access points of a building. The intercom system allows visitors to communicate with building occupants, such as security guards, essentially screening visitors before they enter a property. Screening visitors is important for security purposes, as you don’t want just anyone entering your property without your knowledge or permission.

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At S-O-S Electronics, we are committed to helping you make your business more secure and efficient. We provide intercom system options, so you can have an organized door entry system that helps protect your building and employees reliably and effectively.

Intercom System Options

There are basically three different types of voice controlled door entry systems that we offer for your Milwaukee, WI, business. These intercom system options include:

radio frequency intercom
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Traditional Intercom Systems

A door entry intercom system can range from a single point intercom system to a multi-point intercom system. They are used in many cases where a telephone cannot be used. S–O–S Electronics can help you and your Milwaukee, WI, business implement the intercom system that is right for you and your budget. An intercom system greatly improves security as you have complete control over who and what enters the premises. By limiting access, you not only improve the interior security of your assets and staff, you improve visitor safety as well. Your intercom system will require building visitors to communicate with a qualified staff member, such as a front desk receptionist or security guard, before entering the building, which makes building entry a more secure and controlled process. You will always know exactly who is entering the facility. Intercom systems can come with or without video and/or smart capabilities. Video intercom systems not only allow you to ask questions of visitors before they enter the building but also allow for a visual inspection. You also have choices when it comes to installing a wireless intercom system or wired system.

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Radio Frequency (RF) 
Intercom Systems

S–O–S Electronics is an expert in RF door entry intercom system installation in Milwaukee WI. RF intercom systems are part of an existing two-way radio system. We can help you decide whether this type of door entry intercom system is right for your Milwaukee, WI business and provide you with expert installation.

Downringer / Entry 
Intercom Systems

This intercom system is typically used for parking gates, single door entry, or emergency call stations at facilities. The entry systems are used for either an apartment building or for calling a specific individual from an entrance lobby in a plant. Any of these systems may be used in conjunction with card access, remote door release, and CCTV Systems to increase your Milwaukee, WI, security solutions.

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Two Way Radios

An effective intercom system for communicating among employees is a two-way radio system. Two-way radios allow for communications in remote areas where wired communication set up may be difficult. These devices have rechargeable batteries with battery stations and are extremely efficient communication devices for businesses of all types. Popular in warehouses, retail industries, and construction industries, a handheld two-way radio may be just the communication apparatus your business needs.

With the help of the right intercom system, you can add to your business’s security and control who is able to enter the building. These systems also enable you to communicate conveniently with individuals in different areas of the building. Contact us today to learn more about what two-way radios can do for your Milwaukee, WI, business.

Secure Your Building With Smart Intercom Systems

Whether you’re looking for a wireless intercom or a long distance walkie-talkie, we are sure to have the communication systems to meet your needs. We also offer other security systems that can work alongside an intercom system to secure commercial buildings, such as camera systems, access control systems, parking gates, and more.

At S–O–S Electronics, we are your Milwaukee, WI, Security Integration Specialists. We will account for your needs and budget, and will provide your Milwaukee, WI, business with the intercom system that fulfills all of your needs. 

Let us help you decide which door entry intercom system is best for your Milwaukee, Wisconsin, business needs.