Down Ringer Entry Systems in Milwaukee

Down Ringer Entry Systems have become one of the more popular systems to use, primarily because of the ease of installation. It is a programmable telephone installed at a door or entry to a secure parking area that can be programmed to call from one to hundreds of telephone or cellular numbers.

woman at building door with keypad

Down Ringer Entry Systems for Milwaukee WI Apartments or Office Buildings

These Down Ringer entry systems are programmed to call multiple tenants or offices located in the building. They can also be programmed to call an off site property manager. These units will have either a Marque or an electronic call directory by name. Once a name is looked up, a 2-4 digit calling code will be shown. When the code is dialed, you will then be connected to the person you are trying to see. When the called party answers their telephone, they enter a code to open the door or gate for their visitor.

We have clients all around Milwaukee WI that have opted installing down ringer entry systems. Many apartment buildings, offices and manufacturing plants experience quick and easy installation, yielding lower costs and easy maintenance.

man at building door with keypad
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Down Ringer Entry Systems For Industrial or Commercial Use in Milwaukee WI

Typically for Industrial or Commercial use, a single call Down Ringer Phone is used. These phones are usually mounted at an entry gate or by the doors for shipping and receiving etc.. These phones are normally only calling one extension line at the corresponding guard or department desk. When the call button is pressed at the phone, it automatically calls the phone of the responsible person. The person who answers the phone call then presses the entry code on their phone and the door or gate opens for access to the area.

For many Milwaukee WI businesses, these are the perfect door entry systems. We can walk you through your options and see what fits your business needs.

If you are looking for down ringer entry systems in Milwaukee WI, call the experts at SOS Electronics!